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This is one of my two paintings, inspired by my colorful dreams. Please, check "Blue dream". I hope you will enjoy these warm vivid colors, composition and pure energy  of this art work. The best place for such a painting is in the living room and office. 


Yellow dream

PriceFrom £29.00
VAT Included |
  • Dear friend! Once you have made your purchase, I will prepare this painting within 4-6 weeks, including painting, drying and varnishing. The new painting will be as close as possible to the original you purchased. I will send you a photo for approval before shipping. Once you approve the painting, we will ship it in a sturdy cardboard box. For any questions, don't hesitate to contact. I wish you a pleasant expectations!

    Product details: This is genuine oil painting which I made with all my best to illuminate your home and make it relaxing place. I appreciate your review which will help me for more inspiration and care more my service.

    TITLE: Yellow dream.

    SIZE: 40 X 50 cm / 16" x 20"

    MATERIALS: Oil, Canvas, Varnish. Original painting, 100% hand- painted, and coming directly from the art studio.
    ARTIST: Olga Begisheva K.

    MEDIUM: Professional oil paints (mostly Rembrandt & Van Gogh) on hand- stretched linen canvas, which I do by myself. Finally, all artworks are coated with 2 layers of artistic varnish to protect from dust and UV rays damage.
    - SIGNED: Yes.

    - CERTIFICATE: Yes, you will have the certificate of authenticity on a back side of the painting.

    - PACKAGING: Paintings on the canvas are shipped in a tube.

    Paintings on the canvas boards (small size) are shipped in the card box.
    - SHIPPING: Worldwide shipping 3-10 days.

    NOTE: The shipping method I normally use is the best one to avoid any damage during the transportation.

    - GUARANTEE: 30 Days full money refund accepted.
    - CUSTOM ORDERS (size, colour, etc.) accepted. Please, contact me by order message to communicate all your preferences.

    The new painting you ordered will be created in same style and colour as much as possible close to the presented original. Time frame to create is 4-6 weeks. I will send you photos for your approval, once the painting is complete. Once approved, it’ll be shipped to your home.

  • kalacki-0

    Dear Olga, 
    Thank you so much for checking in. I received your lovely painting earlier today. The painting takes me to the beautiful warmth of the Sahara dessert and the geometrical figures remind me of the great geometry used during the Arabic empire during it expansion. It takes me to North Africa and Southern Iberia (Andalucia). The two ladies are wearing colourful clothing and celebrating an occasion during a sunny day and the bird is singing..... there is music

    It is a happy and colourful painting with gorgeous colours and most importantly the light shines. ....

    The painting bring to mind the story when Picasso stole the African figures from the French museum so he could paint them. The geometry reminds me of some of the techniques used by  Kandinsky.

    Thank you ever so much.


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