Abstract painting inspired by colorful dreams of artist. Contemporary art.
Abstract Oil artworks for Wall Decor. Hand signed.

May 2015.

This artwork can be prepared by commission up to 12 weeks. 

Contact to the artist Olga Begisheva K.


Yellow dream

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  • Media: Canvas, Oil painting

    Dimensions 30 x 40 cm. 

    Order a Hand-Painted Reproduction of this painting up to 3 weeks.

    Frame included (white).


  • kalacki-0

    Dear Olga, 
    Thank you so much for checking in. I received your lovely painting earlier today. The painting takes me to the beautiful warmth of the Sahara dessert and the geometrical figures remind me of the great geometry used during the Arabic empire during it expansion. It takes me to North Africa and Southern Iberia (Andalucia). The two ladies are wearing colourful clothing and celebrating an occasion during a sunny day and the bird is singing..... there is music

    It is a happy and colourful painting with gorgeous colours and most importantly the light shines. ....

    The painting bring to mind the story when Picasso stole the African figures from the French museum so he could paint them. The geometry reminds me of some of the techniques used by  Kandinsky.

    Thank you ever so much.