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The most integrated form in the Universe is the Triangle. With minimum material, you have maximum strength. But not even in the building issue triangle is so significant: it is a basic form for any molecular structure, and energetic chakra is a triangle. The orange triangle is the Ajna (Third Eye Chakra) It is associated with the power of thought, imagination, and abstract ideas and controls the entire personality of an individual. Contact for commissions in bigger size, 50% prepayment after a budget is agreed. Follow me on Facebook, Instagram @obkart






PriceFrom £65.00
VAT Included |
  • Original. Size 40 x 50 cm (15.7 " x 19.6")

    Materials used for this artwork

    1. Linen art canvas board (Artina)  

    2. Acrylic paints (Abstract); 

    3. Varnished;

    Dear Customer! Varnishes are applied to keep paintings protected from all the dust, dirt, smoke etc.. in the atmosphere. The varnish provides a non-porous, protective layer that is removable for conservation purposes; it serves its aesthetic purpose whilst also providing protection.


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