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seascape original oil canvas for bedroom

Landscape paintings in their endless variety are an inexhaustible source of inspiration for a creative person. Here you will find a beautiful landscape for your interior or a wonderful gift for your beloveds.


Check out our inspirational abstract selection and find more 

about  your emotions.  

Artist Olga Begisheva K. in her workshop

Find the inspiration in a wide range of flower bouquets for every taste from a modest wild flowers to a grandiose bouquet in the Flemish style. Make your interior sophistication and elegance.

Van Gogh Six sunflowers original oil painting

Make your dreams come true with Monet's, Van Gogh's, etc. quality reproductions. If you're into the classic art style by famous painters this selection is perfect for you! 


Find a piece of art that matches the movements of your soul, contrary to the values ​​and conventions of today's world. If you are exploring your world through color, shape and texture, then Contemporary art is for you!

Olga Begisheva K. Russian origin free-lance artist living in UK. Impressionist paintings for sale.

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 Artist Statement
We're all mystics, aren't we?  Art is one of the ultimate tools for exploring the world. In my artistic journey, I strive to unravel the subtle and fleeting essence of existence, to capture the ephemeral whispers that weave themselves into the tapestry of life. Using various means, I strive to express the interconnection of all things and evoke a sense of wonder and contemplation in the viewer. For painting I use the whole arsenal of mediums: oil, acrylic, watercolor, ink, etc., as well as all kinds of techniques and textures. Each of my day is scheduled by minutes, it includes the improvement of skills in painting at least 6-7 hours, as well as acquiring new knowledge. Creativity is my passion. I wish it only stops with my breath!

Artist Olga Begisheva K. Artistic Certificate.

Product Information

Artworks in this art gallery are genuine oil & acrylic paintings which I made with all my best to illuminate your home and make it a place to relax. I apply only high-quality materials.
MEDIA: Professional, mostly Rembrandt oil paints, Abstract acrylic paints, hand- stretched linen & cotton canvases made in my workshop, artistic gloss and matt varnishes to protect paintings from dust and UV rays damage. 
SIGNED: Yes. You find my sign on the corner of the painting.

CERTIFICATE: Yes. All artworks have the certificate of authenticity on the package signed and dated with a year of production.
PACKAGING: Paintings framed small, medium size are shipped in a solid box, large size canvas in tube.

SHIPPING: Worldwide shipping. 80-100% parcel insurance.
GUARANTEE: 30 Days full money refund accepted.
CUSTOM ORDERS (size, color, etc.) accepted. If you want to commission an unlisted artwork, contact me by email to communicate all your preferences.
YOU FIND “Painting on commission”. It means original was sold.

New painting will be starting to create immediately after your order in same style and color as much as possible close to the presented original. I will send you photos for your approval, once the painting is complete. After your approval, I will ship it to your address. Time frame for creating depends on oil or acrylic paintings, acrylic up to 3 weeks, oil medium 4-6 weeks, large canvas up to 8 weeks.


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