In painting the Almond Blossom, Van Gogh was not out to revive his own optimism, but to make an offering to his ever-caring brother. In spring 1889, Theo had married Jo Bonger, and in February 1890 she gave birth to their son, whom they named Vincent after the boy's godfather. The Blossoming Almond Tree was van Gogh's present to the infant that would perpetuate his name. Never before had he viewed the bright buds in such close-up; never before had he lavished such colour on the glorious blossoms. The hope expressed in the painting is bound up with human life and thoughts of the future.


Original based on the canvases of Van Gogh´s. Dimention 30 x 40 cm (11.8" x 15.7")

Oil on canvas.

Please contact for commition if you'd like the original dimensions 74 cm x 92 cm.

Order for a hand-made reproduction up to 3-4 weeks. 




Almond blossoms of Van Gogh 30 x 40 cm

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