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Fisherman´s Cottage on the Cliffs at Varengeville, 1882 by Claude Monet


Olga Begisheva K. painting flowers in the Dutch style

Here my jorney began

“About 18 years ago, when my nuclear medicine career came to an abrupt end due to

the discovery of breast cancer, I suddenly realized: life is too short. The moment has come to start doing what you have dreamed of all your life - to become an artist. Since then, I wake up every day absolutely happy, because I know that my paints and my paintings are waiting for me in my small workshop. I paint everything: landscapes, flowers, portraits, and abstract paintings. By and large, it doesn’t matter to me what to paint, I just take a brush, dip it in paint and start to soar! I always try to work in a good mood, invariably following the saying:

"Paint what you love, and love what you paint!" Since I am an artist, every day is too short for me. Therefore, I took up yoga, which helps me sleep much less and work without getting tired.
Today I am a full-time artist, and I am a very happy woman because art makes everybody happier. I sincerely wish that my paintings bring joy and happiness to everyone!”

Water lilies Claude Monet by artist Olga Begisheva K.

Artist Biography

    Olga Begisheva K. was born in the remote Russian village of Kachka, Udmurt Autonomous Republic. From an early age, she immediately showed an interest in art, her first landscapes were the subject of interest for teachers at school. However, need forced her to put off her dreams of a career as an artist. Olga graduated with a diploma in physics, worked as a teacher for many years, but her love for painting did not disappear: at night she painted trays, which in Russia is traditionally called Zhestovo floral art. During the years of perestroika, Olga and her family moved to Spain. It was Spain with its coloristic richness of nature, boundless seascapes that gave a powerful impetus to art. Yet again because of need to support 2 children and a catastrophic lack of time, there wasn’t an opportunity for a new career as an artist. Thus, at a day term she was working in nuclear medicine, and at night term making reproductions from paintings by famous masters such as Claude Monet, Van Gogh, I. Aivazovsky, etc.

The online course of St. Petersburg Ogivitel-Art Studio, Russia completed her artistic education, and today Olga works as an artist in several styles at once: classical, impressionistic and also in Dutch painting. After some successful art exhibitions in a local area Olga became a popular as versatile artist. As an artist never stops in exploring other styles, Olga held to be on top with modern, abstract and contemporary art. She owned her web site You can find her art on


Instagram @obkart



If you any questions or would like to join her monthly emailing list, send an email to

Art courses finished

  • The Rio Creative Art Centre, Madrid, Spain, 1999

  • The School of Art and Design in Cardiff, UK. 2015

  • Olga Bazanova Art Studio, St. Petersburg, Russia. 2020-2023

  • The Certificate of “TOP-Painting”Grade A-A (Alchemist-ART) as a high class specialist,  Ogivitel-Art Studio, St. Petersburg, Russia. 2023

Olga Begisheva K. abstract painting
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