Here my journey began

“About ten years ago, I quit my job as a nuclear medicine technologist because of breast cancer. One morning I woke up frightened and suddenly realized: “Life is too short. This is the moment to start doing what you have dreamed of all your life - to be an artist. " 
Since then, I wake up every day really happy to stay in my small workshop painting my landscapes, seascapes, flowers, and abstractions, etc. ... there are no preferred subjects to paint for me:) I am just painting and flying! I do my paintings only in a good mood according to the saying: "Paint what you love and love what you paint!"
Any day is too short for me now, so practicing yoga I find the way to sleep much less.
I am a full-time artist and I am a very happy woman. I wish with all my soul that my art brings joy and happiness to everyone!"

Six-Sunflowers-by-Vincent-Van-Gogh-Original sharpen.JPG

Born in Russia, a UK-based the enthusiastic artist with a special love for impressionism and abstract art. The first Olga's experience in fine art was painting on the metal trays, the popular  art in Russia called Zhostovo Hand


Painted Tole Tray. After graduating from the Faculty of Physics, Olga worked as a teacher, then as a laser engineering technologist, and finally, as a nuclear medicine technologist. But nothing fascinated her as much as painting. 

Continuing to study painting on her own, Olga achieved professional skills and since 2010 she is an independent freelance artist. Her art you can find in galleries and art shops around Cardiff, Wales (UK).

Art courses she made:

The Rio Creative Art Center, Madrid, Spain,

The School of Art and Design in Cardiff, UK.

Olga Bazanova Art Studio, St. Petersburg, Russia.