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Here my journey began

“About 15 years ago, when my nuclear medicine career came to an abrupt end due to the discovery of breast cancer, I suddenly realized: Life is too short. The moment has come to start doing what you have dreamed of all your life - to become an artist. Since then, I wake up every day absolutely happy, because I know that my paints and my paintings are waiting for me in my small workshop. I paint everything: landscapes, flowers, portraits, and abstract paintings. By and large, it doesn’t matter to me what to paint, I just take a brush, dip it in paint and start to soar! I always try to work in a good mood, invariably following the saying:

"Paint what you love, and love what you paint!" Since I am an artist, every day is too short for me. Therefore, I took up yoga, which helps me sleep much less and work without getting tired.
Today I am a full-time artist, and I am a very happy woman because art makes everybody happier. I sincerely wish that my paintings bring joy and happiness to everyone!”

Six-Sunflowers-by-Vincent-Van-Gogh-Original sharpen.JPG


Olga Begish K. is a Wales-based artist with a special love for Impressionist landscapes.

Olga started drawing very early as soon as she learned to keep the brush in her hand. However, her passion for painting was eclipsed for many years by her Physicist carrier. When her career in Nuclear Medicine ended suddenly due to the discovery of breast cancer, she started work as a professional artist to become her dream is true. Her Physicist research helps her to put more light in her paintings as an essential ingredient of life itself. She loves painting seascapes, flowers, portraits, abstractions, etc. There is no preferable subject because it's not preferable objects in the Universe too. Olga conducted her own research on the paintings of William Turner, as well as the French Impressionists as Claude Monet and others, and by her point of view,  the Impressionists were the first who came closest to the laws of Nature in painting, and therefore their artworks are so radiance, fresh and full of light.
Among landscape paintings, Olga loves the sea. She creates bright and inspiring scenes, mixing colors directly on the canvas, which is called a la prima like the Impressionists did. However, Olga Begisheva K. also succeeds in multi-layered painting, as you can see when you see her reproductions from paintings by Ivan Aivazovsky. 
Still, life in the Dutch style is another passion that Olga studies today. The most interesting for her is the fusion of Flower bouquets and fruits with a landscape background. 
Olga Begisheva K. is succeeded artist, her art you can find in galleries and art shops in Russia, Spain, and Wales (UK).


Art courses made:

The Rio Creative Art Center, Madrid, Spain,

The School of Art and Design in Cardiff, UK.

Olga Bazanova Art Studio, St. Petersburg, Russia.

abstract oil painting by olga begisheva.JPG
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